New website


New website

 So we are finally here, with a website that will be somewhat easier to navigate and get information on how the bots work, what commands there are and news posts.


We will now help you promote your events by listing them, a single place to get anything fun going on and what is to expect to come. This will include special bot events!


Currently the bots and all of its features have been free during our 1 year beta. The end of this beta is coming insight. Once that happens You can expect the following:

  • Your current bot will automatically be set to a free community bot. Reducing some of its features

  •  StormPalaceHosting members can rejoice. StormPalaceHosting worked out an arrangement that all of the palaces on their service get a GameBot without extra costs

More details will come as we know them.

2018 will be an exciting year as we move forward to bring even more improvements to make things better.

                                 - Daniel