Meet the People Who Contribute to PalaceWorld


Creator and Developer of  PalaceWorld and StormBot. After a long hiatus,  Daniel returned back to palace to dazzle us with his never ending wit and innovative ideas. Original creator of the PetBot Pixie.


Owner of StormPalaceHosting and supporter  of StormBot Development.  She is the coordinator of the Daily Quest and provides support for PalaceWorld as well as this website.


Senior Head Tech for StormPalacehosting.  She is always helping someone and more often than not goes that extra mile to make someones day.  Aside from helping to set up people with the bots she is also on the support desk for PalaceWorld. 


Started with beta testing early on,  then  helped with the ever so popular PetBot Development.   She worked hard to make each one unique in its own way.  Her creations include:  Elly,  Adi,  Snort,  Reaper,  Oreo,  and Ruff. 

±†± Raven±†± ЕRP•¤°Ñ°

Came up with the very popular SayMoji Game.  She dove right in creating and adding the props all towards creating fun for all palace goers. 


Has contributed to the Saymoji game by making and adding props,  as well as being  helpful within the palace community and at Storm's Event Palace on Game Nights.


Is a tech for StormPalaceHosting,  she helps on the PalaceWorld help desk and helps to monitor the Daily Quest and any problems that may arise. 

‡†Fø›‹†‡ •ßƒ• ×þß×

Has contributed to PictureGuess and will also be contribuitng to the  Pokemon Guess game that recently came out.  

•brandi• °§F°

Has helped us by creating many of the pet bots,  her creations include:  Buster,  Chip,  Zhen,  Iris,  Spike,  Marshmellow,  Skittles and  Croaker!


Has stepped up and has provided a lot of help towards the PictureGuess Game.  Our many thanks! 

Alexandra M.

Owner of Elite Palaces and the PalaceChat software. Alex assists her customers in the set up of the bots, and with any issues that may arise.


The Developer of PalaceChat,  has played a vital role in the development of server plugins,  and has dedicated years of vital support for the PalaceChat program.  Thank you for all that you do and have done!