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Russian Roulette

Do you have the nerve to try?  If so test your luck and play Russian Roulette.  It's fun and scary all at the same time!

Do you feel lucky?

To start a game of Russian Roulette type:   bot loadgun   in the chat window.  The bot will then respond with  Alright,  one bullet put in the revolver.
Once the gun is loaded any person can type in the chat window:   bot shootme    The bot will then take aim at the person and after a short time of teasing the bot will pull the trigger.  If the chamber was empty,   the gun will click and you will have survived.   If you find the chamber that has the bullet,  it will fire with a boom and the player will be kicked off the palace and a RIP tombstone will appear in place of the player.  The player will be able to return immediately to the palace,  there is no kill or ban.                This game has no objective or points attached to it and can be played as a fun way to see who is lucky or if it's time to sleep.  RIP ...   I mean good luck!