How to play

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Shark! releases a -you guessed it- Shark into palace! The shark will randomly target people in palace. If the person targeted is captured by the shark, it will bite turning the player into a tombstone. Can you survive?


Starting the game

Only gods and wizards are able to trigger this game. If you are a god or wizard, typing  shark!  into the chat will start the game. 

Shark! requires a minimum of 3 users in a palace in order to trigger the game.

Game time

Once initiated, the bot turns into a hungry little shark and chases players at random for  60 seconds.

 If a player is caught, the shark bites and turns the player into a tombstone. 

Once the 60 seconds are over, the bot returns to its starting position and regains it's previous avatar. All survivors of the shark are awarded  50 points. 

The shark can only be triggered once every  15 minuets. 

Special note: Whispering the bot  shark! regcode  will allow the shark to chase a specific user.