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An old favorite,  where you try to beat the dealer.  Closest to 21 without going over wins!  

Good luck!


 To start the game type bot start 21 into the chat window.   Once the game has been started each player that wishes to join the game must lay a bet..

 To join the game each participant user must enter a bet by typing for example:  bet 10   The bot will now deduct 10 points from your accumulated points.  To find out your points type:   bot points

 Once all players have joined the game the bot will then deal each player 2 cards and one for the dealer.  Each player will then have the opportunity to hit or stay by typing   bot hit    or     bot stay    (the bot will deal you another card if you chose hit.  If you chose stay the bot will not deal you another card.  The dealer will go last and stay its hand at 17  or higher.  To win get as close to 21 as you can without going over,  while still beating the dealers cards.  A win pays double whatever each player has bet.