PalaceWorld Pets


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Welcome to the PalaceWorld Pet Adoption Center


Cute, cuddly little bot pets for your palace.  They will move around the room,  and when they aren't moving they are snoozingCall  them and they will come to you and sit on your lap.  Pet them and they will respond in their own special way.  They will  even fetch a prop and bring it back to you!  And NOW you can give them their own special name!

A fun addition to your palace and they make great gifts too!



... originally from Turtle Island, Rocky is not your average turtle,  he is super affectionate and quite the looker.  He has his own style and will definitely  brighten up your home in more ways than one. 


.. a playful addition to our pet farm,  this cute kitten will warm your heart and your home.  He loves to snuggle and fetch, and is always searching for a lap to lay on. Oh and did we mention he giggles?!


... was a stray kitten when we brought her to the adoption center.  We found her behind an abandoned house covered in fleas!  She's about 6 months old now. She's very quiet and loving and loves to be snuggled.


... oh sweet innocent snort!  He's such a cutie!!  He followed us home from the movies one night.  We didn't even know he was there until we started hearing his cute little snort come from the back of the truck! That's how he got his name!!


... was rescued from the circus!  She's a little shy at first, but when she warms up to you she will be your best friend.  The circus said she was getting too old but we think she is just right!


 ... poor little oreo was stuck under someones trailer in the pouring rain.  She could not get out and it was starting to flood!  One of our volunteers went under the trailer and rescued her.  He got sprayed, but a few days of tomato baths worked great!


... comes to us from Abellio.  Her planet was destroyed by an asteroid and she fell into our barn.  She's very sweet and as long as you don't upset her she will remain very loyal too.


... is a little temperamental.  He tries to be tough, but really he's just misunderstood.  Just give him some love and he will warm up to you.


... is a panda that is incredibly sweet and loving. He is a bit on the lazy side and definitely loves to  cuddlie. His name means "true" in chinese.   He enjoys to eat leaves and loves belly rubs!


... porcupine or hedgehog??  You decide! He is full of love but has a very playful side much like a dog! If you
bring Spike home, make sure to have plenty of snacks and toys for him, he will keep you entertained for many
hours with his silly antics!


... a beautiful toucan, was found trapped in a net that had been set to trap bats nearby!  Once she was rescued,  her squawks were full of love and thanks. Skittles needs a home where she can  fly about as a bird should. She is quite vocal and loves to respond to  pats!


... is a loving bunny rabbit who loves to be rubbed and cuddled! His cute floppy ears and beautiful white fur make him absolutely adorable. Marshmellow would love to be your new pet, just make sure to have plenty of carrots around for him to nibble on!


... was found weeping in the deep forest all alone. She  may be a little wild at first, she is a unicorn after all!  But don't fret, with a little patience and time, she will make a wonderful and loyal pet.  Remember to feed her plenty of hay and give her a lot of attention!


... is always happy and absolutely loves people!  If you need a pet that brings happiness and a little bit of energy to your home,  Croaker is the one for you!  Have plenty of bugs on hand for this hungry little frog and enjoy some great laughs while watching him hop around yourhome!


... is a marmoset monkey from South America.  He is  a bit shy,  but when he opens up,  he is tons of fun!   He likes to wrap his tail around arms or hands,  it means he likes you!  Remember though, he is from South America where it is warm so keep the heat on for the little fella!


 ... a wonderful little husky! He is full of energy and spunk. Buster may look a little angry but he really is a sweet boy. Give him a chance to show you how dogs can be a man (or woman's) best friend! He will really enjoy playing fetch with you in your home!