How to play

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Just like the tv program 'Catchphrase', the object of Saymoji is to say what you see. 

Emojis will appear on your screen and the idea is to figure out the word or phrase depicted by the emojis. 


Starting the game

To start the game, simply type  start saymoji  into the chat. All players in the palace are automatically joined and able to guess the answer.  After  15 seconds, the game will begin.

Game time

Saymoji is not based on turns but rather whoever guesses the answer correctly first, so type fast! 

Once the game starts, emojis will appear on your screen. You will then have  45 seconds to guess the correct answer to the saymoji. 

Solving the puzzle

The idea is to say what you see. In the example above, we see a cup of coffee and a broken heart. Another word for 'broken' is break, hence the answer,  coffee break. 

The winner will receive  40 points!